Wednesday, March 08, 2006


To even find a nail polish in the same colour as this beautiful car would make me pretty much happy for at least a year or so.
Its being auctioned through my work on the 26th of march at fox studio's.

The sign on the windsreen says : "please admire but do not touch"
I wish this automatically applied as a general rule of thumb to all boys.
Especially if a girl is fragile from life, a life a 22 year old girl like me has.

l'amour ├ętrange et nouveaux amis

So sunday was the St Jeromes Laneway Festival.
It was one of the best festivals i have been to because i did actually see some bands.
Usually i end up stuck in a porter-loo while i hear the begining cords to my "favorite" song by the
only band i wanted to see all day.
Anyway.....Most of the things that happened do not need to be mentioned on a public forum.
But i did go swimming in my underwear and *WON* a brooke sheilds blue lagoon swimming contest.

So i will photo-blog it:

This is me eating a festival DAWG! It was actually smart if i hadnt eaten this (actually i ate a quater and gave the rest to andy because i am in diet) i would have ended up in a gutter covered in my own spew and with a dick drawn on my head in posca!

This is the posies....Hickey says they used to be cool, pitty they just looked like pasty fat old tards because the microphone was so soft you couldnt hear the singers nonsence. NOT TO ALL BAND LOVING HIPSTER GROUPIE GIRLS: THEY DONT STAY SKINNY AND FLOPPY HAIRED, THIS IS WHAT ALL THAT BEER AND LATE NIGHTS DOES!

LE SAVY FAV: i dont really get it, but i think the one with the glasses is better than frosty fruits on a hot day!
they have undies on i swear, backstage being photographed by a beautiful MASSIVE polaroid camera.

Whilst being traipsed around by my stand-in very protective and saving boyfriend, seen in background. For which i am very very very amazingly greatful, if it were'nt for him i would be raped by english lout's, beaten up by a jealous over the hill (over 30) Photographer girl, who LOOKED LIKE SHIT! But i would have been fine without him aswell.
We were trying to find our friend Briony (best girl in the word PERIOD) and then busted these two guys who were meant to be
taking down everything, but instead decided to arm wrestle.....obvious choice i thought.

Thats all as usual my night ended in a dramatic taxi ride home tears and mascara all over my face......only this time my hair smelt like chlorine!!!!!!!!

MR DARCY......

"A lady's imagination is very rapid; it jumps from admiration to love, from love to matrimony, in a moment...."
Geeze why oh why do i have these lady-ish thoughts. It just gets a little too much at times.
Detachment may be a simpler option? But how do i know its simpler? Shit i hate it.
Even slightly remotely hoping to have a Mr Darcy of my very own is increasingly becoming harder and harder.
But if there is one, then he know's, i think.

"If he had been wavering before, as to what he should do, which had often seemed likely, the advice and entreaty of so near a relation might settle every doubt, and determine him at once to be as happy, as dignity unblemished could make him" Elizabeth Bennett about Mr Darcy.