Friday, August 11, 2006


The past week has been a busy one with; Strokies, work, school,lady's night, losing in the pod war and..... THE RONNIES!
Toddles my newest best friend, got us some highly prized tickets, scalpers were trying to buy them off us for
$400....for cereal! Who to take? It was a toss up between all my gays.... but Luke won out in the end.
It was at luna park, so the plan was to get pretty stoned and go on all the rides first and eat carney food.

Here is the getting stoned part, in the park near milsons point station. Luke wanted to
light up the weed just walking to luna park from the station, even though we were surrounded by families
and little kids all singing veronica's songs... Grow a some social skills GAY!

We had arrived, so excited and stoned.

"ok lets go on all the throwing up rides first!"

WRONG WRONG WRONG.....all the rides were closed, the ferris wheel wasnt even turning just
for effect. We were DEVVY! The only kind of carney thing we could do was the dumb mirrors,
which are pretty funny when your stoned, but not as fun as the throwing up rides.

THE RONNIES TICKETS......."everything is f'ed up straight from the heart, tell me what do you do when
it all falls apart".

Coney Island, this was after eating a whole packet of chips and i was licking the salt off my fingers.
It was getting kind of scary seeing people who were our age at a Veronica's concert for real, and people
on dates there.....Sad boring people who maybe have broken car radio's that only play 104.1 2day fm.

Me and the baby bear cub Luke. We had stummled up to the security guard and i had managed to
mummble and giggle out "ummm where is the ghost train?" The ghost train burnt down and killed 8 people.

YEAHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHIOOOOOOOOOO it was time... They played the only 3 songs i know
in the first 15 mins, then luke bumped into this creepy old woman looking at the stage with a telescope, it was only
5 metres away. FREAK.

Luke was so inspired for his next range, just looking at the merch stand gaving him a gazillion ideas!

I was still stoned and excited by the lights.

Oh the dissapointment of no ferris was all over, we left because we didnt know the rest of
their songs and all the little kids were creeping me out.

Really bad news the trains back to the real world weren't working, so on to the rail bus we went.
We totally pushed through the lines and got onto the first bus.

"Lets go to gay bars in newtown, to even out the night."
"Great idea"
Luke and i are also having a competion who can keep their bright pink ronnies wrist band on

Sorry Sutto for not coming to your going away party last night, but i needed to get some much needed sleep, project runway and the hills!
You probably didnt even notice i wasnt there, dont worry i'll take care of Hickey for you!

Listening to: Nas-come get me, Beyonce - de javu, Weezer- the sweater song, Todd Rundgen- bang on the drum all day, Lupe fiasco- ALL OF IT OVER AND OVER. Lady sov (mainly because we are both the biggest midgits in the game)!

Reading : Cosmopolitan's 2 sealed sections this month, so sexy!

My Biz and i are going to the cricketers for tap-ass and drinks tonight from 8pm!


Thursday, August 10, 2006


Wednesday's are usually movie day, Jolyon and i skip class and go skope people at
the mall or in china town and have dumplings at the place with the vines on
the ceiling and you can see them making the noodles or sussex centre food court.
Buy some phone trinkets you know usual china town stuff.
But this wednesday it was so nice we just hung out at the park.
We found the best spot on some memorial thing that we hadn't ever noticed before.
Must have been important, because people were taking photos and stuff.

We stopped off at starbucks to get a jaffa frapa mocha double shot skim soy latte venti frappachino,
i needed to it complete my outfit. Cute girls are always sucking down a bucks.

This photo would be in Nylon magazine after i stared in my first indi film where i was a
conflicted teen in new york who had lots of drugs and heaps of tit scenes. Dont you think?
And the article would be about how natural i am and how i use method acting.

Speaking of babies, where is baby suri? Its so a hoax tom cruise is a freak.

This is Jolyon (most featured friend on the chronicles, i should give him a ham, like employee of the week)
doing the signature Nella pose, its a good one when your having a body dismorphic day and feel
a double chin creeping on......also totally cute when drunk!

Central Park? Say what?

By this time i wasnt feeling to good from my XXXXXXXL buck's chino thing....

See....It was just a bit to much....maybe thats how the staff at starbucks make the frappachino's
so frothy.

So word on the street was that Zit remedy's (artctic monkey's) after party was going to be out of control.
Everyone who is anyone was going to be there even mischa barton.... So i thought i should start lining up
early, you cant miss that shit. But i forgot my sleeping bag and yoga mat for comfort so we gave up.

Wednesday is also ladies mid week drinks, with Benna..... Jolyon was allowed to stay for 2 beers
because he is a gay.

Haven't you heard? I'm popping a little one out soon..... But still squeeze a few in at the ass-light, thats
ok before the third tri-mester.... maybe?

No dinner or lunch and two many drinks ladies needed to relocate and get some yellow fever at Don Don.
We sat at the counter to people watch the street, and outside waiting to be seated was this hottie hot hot, (the
one on the right) like a more defined sweeter version of josh harnett, so Benna went outside
so we could pretend i was taking a photo of her, hope the hottie hot hot doesnt mind i'm posting him
all over the nerd net?!?! oh well.... "Hi hottie hot hot!"

Chinese seaweed salad was so good, so cultured....

All of the wednesday ladies happy hour converstation is top secret but this is a snippet:
"That boy is so hot like a delicate josh harnett"
"Sooooo hot"
"How many calories and fat is in a chicken katsu don?"
"I think like a billion"
"Hottie hot hot is coming out way 2'0clock"
"Have i got chinese seaweed salad in my teeth.?"

Ending the night trying to get red wine out of my cute top sucked.... look how short i am compared to Benna.
5'5 is crap, but i can fit into small spaces! Maybe she will give me her hot pins?

Take it breezy!

Listening to: Nas- if i ruled the world,Blur-she's so high, Count bass D - Hello test test, Cuthbert and the night- red frogs,
The vendettas- strangers.

Wanting and waiting- Romance was born bedazzled dunlops....

Inspired: Karl Lagerfeld- (on chanel tennis shoes) "Oh you know you can always make it beautiful with some crystal beading and satin ribbon"

Monday, August 07, 2006


So with unvailing my that i am the biggest loser ever.
Coming second is so bad, its worse enough when you lose out on EBAY
but at the pod war.... holy crap talk about my own personal r'n'b superclub falling down around my
skinny ass!
It was a messy night from the begining, running on next to no sleep in 48 hours leading up.
And blowing out the night before at the strokes, and then working a full day with out much preperation.
And all the wrong people turned up, sluts to my left, whores to my right, long haired metal heads everywhere.
It was looking like my r'n'b crump-tastic set list was going to fall around my miu miu stits!
"All my ladies pop your pussy like this....." OH NO YOU DIDN'T!
But i did stick to playing things i had never played before, which should be a rule in the next round.

All photographic evidence of the night has been destroyed, sorry.

But, back to friday.....
So this girl i met on myspace who had an almost identical intrests section as me, SNAP BITCH!

We got to personal messaging, and leaving hallarious comments on each others pages, and now are
almost best friends.
She totally begged me to go to see the strokes with her over msn, so i did.

These are the matching outfits she made for us to wear, the fluro puff paint and shoe polish looks
like it took hours to do. We looked like the biggest strokes fans ever! COOL!

Because we had never met in person only over the internet and her myspace photos had way
too much fringe and were all taken by herself from abover her head, she had to tell me what she
was wearing so i could spot her...... ummm how embarassed was i.... Look at them.
The matching outfits just kept on coming all night long.

This is the offical gang sign of The strokes australian unofficial online fanclub, we arranged
in the forum, that we should all do this sign so we would see each other.....

Waiting and waiting.... no one was doing the secret Strokes unofficial online fanclub forum
gang signs........UNTILL.......

Who knew Dool's was in The Strokes australian unofficial online fanclub, his log in name
on the forums is :" FAB IS FINE, AND ALL MINE", mine is : "NICK LET ME TAKE YOU TO MY ROOM OF FIRE"
He was throwing up the gang signs from the other side of the room and spotted me.

This is me sending telepathic messages to nick on stage, "NICK I LOVE YOU, LOOK AT ME, STAGE RIGHT IN THE
He so looked at me.... straight in the eyes. Thats was the night nick fell in love
for the first time.

So after the show, my new internet friends told me they could get me into the vip after party.
With a lot of begging, i went along. It was not the vip after party it was so dumb get together office party.
Losers. This girl was kind of nice, the nicest one there. By this stage i started to mingle considering how
lame my internet friends had become.

Me and Frizeey just shooting the shit, he was funny but i moved on pretty quick, mainly because i was getting
a neck ache from making out with him, geeze dont guys no its mean to grow past 6ft!

Then i started making out with The Ronnies, bailed when they wanted a threesome, but i am totes
looking forward to their concert on thursday, they're going to dedicate "every thing is f'ed up straight from
the heart" to me.

By then Chippy was the only semi decent guy left at the party, he started with " you know i have learnt some
amazing things on the great outdoors, i know about you dutch how bout it?" HE KNEW NOTHING!
Let me tell you about the Chippy: 1. THAT TAN AINT REAL, ITS ABOUT AS REAL AS MY TITS! 2. HE LASTS ABOUT

This was him explaining how he was a tiger in bed and shit..... Wrong more like a toy poodle!
Wish i didnt give it up for him, but its ok he has now made me want to wait till marriage.
So there is an up to the whole thing.... pitty it wasnt him.

Listening to:
CAMP LO - luchini (is this it), Trina with tweet- no panties coming off, my neck my back-khia, so hot- foxy brown,
Who made who- space for rent, Band of horses-great salt lake, AND THE RONNIES.



p.s An avid reader sent me a questiong:
Dear Bitch,
I dont check or correct my spelling because it keeps
me real, no one likes a perfect princess. Its all about flaws.
Let down your pony tail and let your boyfriend do you in the butt!