Saturday, March 04, 2006

The other white meat.

So trying to avoid mardi gras last night was bound to be impossible but somehow i managed.
Meeting sam for a drink at the hollywood at 8pm...... Which is always a highlight.

sam, my main!

I never wear red lipstick, but i had a strange urge last night.

So we talked over some red wine and beer for a while, then it turned into a weird hip hop/raster party around us so we hopped it up to crown st to meet Christine and Andy.
The Carnage of the parade was gross out, dudes in pleather hot pants with bumps where bumps shouldnt be. It was a facinating biology lesson in body forms.
We took one look into the ASS-light and knew it was the worst place in the world, so with a nudge Christine gave Andy the fudge off and told him she would meet him later.
Then walking back to the hollywood with Sam and Christine we were confronted by a pervert standing behind a tree with his cock poking through his fly just holding it, like he didnt know whether he wanted to piss or jerk off, anyway is was a really ugly penis aswell.
Sam who's loath of 'mardi-gras madness' is a strong as mine ended up back at the hollywood getting a cute nerdy guys digits......i think he is a sell out now and he really did want to get his queer on desperately without me.

Then Christine and i decided to take a walk into the city and to gawk at people.
All we found that was interesting was this blood puddle, it was dripped all over the sidewalk for about 200 meters and ended at an ambulance probably a good thing. With the amount of exposed penises i was kind of hoping for a Loraina Bobbit type injury but i have a feeling it was a drunk hobo.

Then the night ended in chips and a pepsi!


Tuesday, February 28, 2006


sonic youth....again and again and again
Supergrass....alot and alot and alot
TEGAN AND SARA.... i love canada, so many great things. Contemplating finding a canadian boyfriend.
TEST ICICLES......pre break up....didnt you hear....THEY BROKE UP MID FIRST US TOUR. Maybe because the black member was just way to awsome to hang out with the other two emo pussy's.
BE YOUR OWN new favorite dance in your underpants drunk album.

a book on EL LISSITZKY, because i am pretty much a nerd and i like him alot.
Also a book which is like a book version of a bbc crime show called " a sunday philosophers club"


Because of my busy timetable of late i had forgoten to post about going to see DATA ROCK a couple of weeks ago.
It didnt start so well i was stood up by my friend Mick......(see previous post-muggy madness to view a really sexy photo of her) So i was desperate and dateless.....literally, luckily i have an awsome new friend Justine who saved this night from going to the wolves.... I love the Mandarin club! Especially being greeted by the bronzed eagle and the abiant lighting....and the smooth $3nothingness their red wine.... Even though i didnt drink much that night which is a rarity these days, trying to keep up this illusion of a drunk slightly mad 22 year old desperate spinster is really quite trying!
But boy did we dance......i think i have water of the knee from the sprung light up dance floor. You couldnt actually dance just sort of bounced with your feet planted, kind of like in an earthquake.
It was a great show, the valentinos are weird and kind of enticing but then at times its like a big wall of sound.
Here is justine and bonus on the 'leado' deck of the mandarin club:

and this is me with one of their back up dancers:

Good times, good times.



Not quite, actually not one complaint on my previous post comfirming both my thoughts are true:
1. That the god squad knows i can't be saved and i am pretty much Lucifer with a nice rack and cute marc jacobs heels
2. and that no one reads this.

So selfishly and lamely i will start this with some outtings i have done recently:

I went to the movies on sunday evening for the matinee session of "Match point", Woody Allens new picture.
It was different from his other films, it was set in London.....woooaaaahhhh way to lash out on the format!
Its basically the same as every other of his films, a justification of his fucked up choice to marry and have a baby with his step daughter.....Scorned women dont matter, jealousy is a disgusting thing that only girls get and so life is....
Anyway to make up for it i had one hell of a minx for a date!

She had to bring her boyfriend aswell, but i sat between them so they couldnt make out or hold hands which would make me be the third wheel! AND I AM JUST NOT THIRD WHEEL MATERIAL.

Anyway.....3 and a half stars!!!!!!

xxx nella

Monday, February 27, 2006


So was i the last to know?
Had they been avoiding me knowingly that i was too far gone to be saved?
FOR FUCK SAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe these people have been brought up not to question what is spoon fed to them or maybe they genuinely believe that this "church" is helping them live a better, healthier more guilt free existance?
I am not going to judge an idividuals choice, just maybe try and educate them a little more. Just like they can try and "educate" me in their "lifestyle".
BUT THEY PISS ME OFF AND SCARE ME...... probably just as much as i piss them off and scare them.
To think that people of the same age as me, with same way of living....i.e going out getting loaded, making out with people you dont know that well,(*for them minus the sex, but apparently blowjobs are ok because there is no penatration and you know a girls dignity doesnt mean that much anway right? WRONG FUCKERS!) have an interest in things such as the arts, (possibly minus culture, but thats just an educated guess) fashion and general things that a 22 year old likes! PARTAKING AND GIVING MONEY TO A CORUPT DIGUSTING CULT.....IT MAKES ME WANT TO VOMIT ALL OVER THEIR PASTORS. THEN STAGE A PRO CONTRACEPTION RALLY ON FRIDAY NIGHT OUTSIDE THEIR "CHURCH" AFTER THEIR "YOUTH STUDIES"!
So i was late to catch on, this must naivety on my part thinking that people around this kind of scene of debauchary and crooked moral standards would by into this brain washing shit!
For them to justify it to me as being a lifestyle choice and that its not really that much about religon and that they are just trying to live their life better for themselves, is not only judgemental because they are saying the way i live my life is wrong, but is also as selfish as billionaire buying his fith bentley and then claiming a $20 tax deduction because of his donation to the scouts!
Dont get me wrong i am not anti religous at all.....Religon has and will be around forever, and the people that use it to benefit mankind by helping and doing "GENUINE" charity work, i admire.
But lets get some get some facts straight, i also know that it is not just hillsong but also a lot of other christian evangelical fundamental groups aswell:
* Hillsong has donated $AU106,000 to help World Vision feed people in Sudan.....Fantastic that is a great effort.
**** BECAUSE*****This represents 0.3% of the "church's" admitted yearly tax-free income. Remember that the vast majority of the income is in the form of unaccountable cash!

WHERES THE REST IN BUSINESS VENTURES LIKE CASTLE HILL TAVERN.....Since when do churches own pubs?!? See its ok to get loaded because god's not watching then.....

*By November 2004 Hillsongs annual income was at $30 million all TAX estimate it would have more than doubled now. So that pissy amount going Sudan doesnt amount to much really does it?!?

***Hillsong claims an income of $18 million a year(2004 and prior), but as it also produced what was supposed to be the biggest selling music CD in the country last year and there were no costs for artists' fees or record shop commissions, it is quite possible that this amount could have come from merchandise sales alone. With 15,000 people throwing money into the place each weekend, plus the admitted $10 million collected at the annual conference there is a lot of cash floating about, and when it comes to avoiding taxes and accountability, cash is king. Pastor Brian "donates" his salary back to the "church", so he has no income subject to income tax. It is remarkable, then, that on no income he manages to have a house in a suburb where if you walked into an estate agency with only $2 million to spend on a house the agent wouldn't bother to look up from the form guide, and he has a weekender with extensive frontage to the Hawkesbury River north west of Sydney. (In his case it is probably a "weekdayer".)

Doesnt it seem a little far fetched to call a place that worships money, a pair of tsubi's and a really cool emo concert of the kids on sunday "A CHURCH" let alone "RELIGOUS"

For some more perspective, The Salvation Army -another religous charity organisation run by an actual church spends about $30 million a year to pay for all its operations in the two states of New South Wales and Queensland, but that salary and expenses bill supports more than $160 million of welfare and charity work.

The government has a few loose rules on churches being income tax exempt they are expected to social and charity work. Hillsong is quite happy to comply with this law and proudly donates $400,000 out of their upward of $30million towards good works each year.



Where does this fucking god squad get of justifying going out and getting loaded getting blow jobs....but not having sex?!?
AND WHY IS SEX SO BAD IF YOUR DOING STUFF LIKE THAT? IS GOD NOT WATCHING WHEN YOU CUM IN A GIRLS MOUTH OR MASTERBATE IN THE SHOWER OVER A NICE SET OF FRESHLY DEVELOPED TITS? I feel sorry for you, stop punishing yoursleves and that sheet of guilt you feel while you watch your cum run down your legs into the drain is not healthy.
Your lifestyle is a selfish, unhealthy, growth stuntingly disturbing lie!

If you want to do something thats going to improve your lives, like your supposedly doing now, why not go and console a 14 year old rape victum after getting an abortion or if thats a bit much for your innocent and uncorrupted brains, why not go and serve sloppy soup to the homeless or give some of that $300 that goes to each pair of tsubi's and give some of that to a single mother who earns less than that a week.

Please dont hound me with opinions, this is just mine, i am not defaming anyone or any orgaisation. And by all means try and "save me" from my life of sorrdid sex and guilt free enjoyment. And i will try and "save you" with the natural functions of a human body with all the friction sweat and thrills it can create!

(*disclaimer: all facts taken from here : didnt make them up....i wish i did it would be less depressing and scary)

God speed......

p.s dont get me started on the RU486 debate!

Last note: This is not a church:

This is a church=: