Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Because of my busy timetable of late i had forgoten to post about going to see DATA ROCK a couple of weeks ago.
It didnt start so well i was stood up by my friend Mick......(see previous post-muggy madness to view a really sexy photo of her) So i was desperate and dateless.....literally, luckily i have an awsome new friend Justine who saved this night from going to the wolves.... I love the Mandarin club! Especially being greeted by the bronzed eagle and the abiant lighting....and the smooth $3nothingness their red wine.... Even though i didnt drink much that night which is a rarity these days, trying to keep up this illusion of a drunk slightly mad 22 year old desperate spinster is really quite trying!
But boy did we dance......i think i have water of the knee from the sprung light up dance floor. You couldnt actually dance just sort of bounced with your feet planted, kind of like in an earthquake.
It was a great show, the valentinos are weird and kind of enticing but then at times its like a big wall of sound.
Here is justine and bonus on the 'leado' deck of the mandarin club:

and this is me with one of their back up dancers:

Good times, good times.