Saturday, March 04, 2006

The other white meat.

So trying to avoid mardi gras last night was bound to be impossible but somehow i managed.
Meeting sam for a drink at the hollywood at 8pm...... Which is always a highlight.

sam, my main!

I never wear red lipstick, but i had a strange urge last night.

So we talked over some red wine and beer for a while, then it turned into a weird hip hop/raster party around us so we hopped it up to crown st to meet Christine and Andy.
The Carnage of the parade was gross out, dudes in pleather hot pants with bumps where bumps shouldnt be. It was a facinating biology lesson in body forms.
We took one look into the ASS-light and knew it was the worst place in the world, so with a nudge Christine gave Andy the fudge off and told him she would meet him later.
Then walking back to the hollywood with Sam and Christine we were confronted by a pervert standing behind a tree with his cock poking through his fly just holding it, like he didnt know whether he wanted to piss or jerk off, anyway is was a really ugly penis aswell.
Sam who's loath of 'mardi-gras madness' is a strong as mine ended up back at the hollywood getting a cute nerdy guys digits......i think he is a sell out now and he really did want to get his queer on desperately without me.

Then Christine and i decided to take a walk into the city and to gawk at people.
All we found that was interesting was this blood puddle, it was dripped all over the sidewalk for about 200 meters and ended at an ambulance probably a good thing. With the amount of exposed penises i was kind of hoping for a Loraina Bobbit type injury but i have a feeling it was a drunk hobo.

Then the night ended in chips and a pepsi!