Friday, July 07, 2006

lunch for 2 on a brisk winters day at the sidewalk cafe!

There is no excuse for my lack of posting, only that i couldnt be bothered and have been working so much.
So yesterday, Jolyon and i had a movie and shopping day.

We were handed this while walking through the city to david jones, Jolyon looks quite conflicted.......

We worked up an appitite in the womens shoe section, i was contemplating some fur trimmed
Marc Jacobs bronzed gumboots. They were super new money russian bitchy princess, so not so versitile but they reduced
from $560 to $240.... Anyway we decided on my favorite city cafe, which is in the over pass above
Castleraegh st in between centre point tower and David Jones.

Jolyon ordered the Triple Decker BLT with fries...... They are so good with the little toothpicks.

I got Crepes with strawberrys and ice-cream, they forgot the side of maple syrup. The waitress got
distracted by trying to get me to have cream and ice cream?!?!?! Is that needed?!?!? what is the point?!?!
But we shared our meals and got some cokes too. After a while the big fat david jones mums were freaking me
out as a future vision of myself. If anyone is interested everytime i go to the sidewalk cafe the special is Cauliflower

One happy girl, crepes/ pancakes are one of my favorite comfort foods.... they bring a smile to my face which
grows with every bite, till my jeans pop!

Well thats the end to another lunch date with Jolyon, both complaining of the boyfriends we dont have
and why i cant find candy pink nail polish.

The fun wasnt over by a long shot, next we caught a flick, Pirates of the Carribbean. Jordan came and met us also.
Which is kind of dumb, the CGI is so bad, and Johnny depp gets eaten by a big squid that looks like a toothed vagina.
And the mixed seafood army was just gross.... And i even had the whole experience of making sure i had a pirates of the carribbean combo of pop corn and coke which was shared and obviously unfinshed.

Then walking down to China town for the night markets, which werent on we found this asian crepe place....
Jordan looks like he might get the mixed meat with mayonaise and orange slices...mmmmm good choice.

I'm pretty sure the chewed up and vommited seafood and ham and oranges is my personal longing.

Thank god i was wearing a trans ocasion outfit, because day was becoming night and we were pub bound
to shake the bad movie off with a beer. The cricketers was great as usual but i forgot to take anymore photos.
We met Luke and Mix and David Gac's , by this time i was once again in my gaggle of gays. We found some sydney university 'ARTS LAW WEEK' flyers and Luke and i angled them out of our bags to try and attracted some smart cute boys, it didnt work.
We were interupted by this rude drunk girl who came to smoke on our table then started eating my salad off my plate with her grubby little hands...gross i didnt even know her.
Anyway 3 vodka an pinapple juices (Hawaii in a glass), the gays had gone to do gays only things, and Bennadicte, Mikey and i went to the Shakespear (10.40pm). It smelt like B.O and was gross, then i accidently got red wine spilt all over my white dress and had to bow out gracefully and go home in a taxi. Just when we were about to go dancing....

Nella xxx

Listening to: Lupe Fiasco- Kick Push, Giant Drag- Your full of shit (check out my sweet riffs), Paul McCartney and Wings
Live and let die and lots and lots of Split Enz.