Friday, February 17, 2006

make the muggy maddness stop!

So it was pretty much a hallarious night out on the sauce.
It was so hot and sticky and extreamly weird. You know when its a really windy day people go slightly mad and do really phsycotic things.
Well in primary school i remember overhearing some teachers talking about how it was going to be a hectic busy day because it was really windy and they were worried that this paticular kid who had A.D.D was going to flip out at lunch time and probably knock some kindergarten kids teeth out on the monkey bars or something.
Anyway, last night it was the complete opposite, it was so hot and sticky and still that it was like everyone became sloths on valium.
There were tears, and long discussions about peoples problems that obviously last night we were experts at, there was dancing......but all night was like a big drawl of slowness and sticky slow events.
Although there was something that would happen every 5 minutes someone would say "fuck its hot, isnt it hot? it wasnt this hot during the day was it? lets go stand in the street."
So it turned out you saw more of your friends outside than inside a pub, which is always a good change.
During the night i think i kind of took myself on lots of adventures....all of which involved walking to different places pissed and by myself. I did whitness loads of alley way love though, people making out in every alley i walked down from william to crown street. Must have been something to do with the weather, definately nothing to do with the wine.

This is where it started, met Mick at the Darlo Bar for a drink.....which was great. Its paticularly awsome how we contrasted our wine with our hair. Genius, eboney and ivory together in harmony.....

Mick took this pick of me to remind me in the morning that my night did begin well, and i wasnt a complete mess the whole time. I guess.

Jolyon was great last night he had been at the green park since 4pm and with each drink became slightly more brilliant.
He also looked so smart in those damn glasses, i believed every word he said. Amazing.

Then i went to meet steele at the gaslight but couldnt find him and found Vivi, Lucy and Simone instead.
This was about the time when the gin started, and the tears and the long discussions huddled next to the poker machines.
Vivi is one of my dearest friends and she also made me her knitting protogue a couple of years ago.....There was a slight feminist gin movement in the poker machine corner last night..... Sorry i didnt come and get hotdogs vivi i will soon.

This is my friend Lucy we have known each other since primary school....anyway we look very similar to the point were we are mistaken for each other regularly. Its great......sometimes.

So lastly i ended up at purple sneakers.....boy i have never been emersed in a crowd of that many scenesters!
They even played that song "hey scenesters"- by the cribs......well obviously it was the crowd favorite.
Tried to find an arctic monkey look a-like boy,

(not the porky one on the end!)
but it seems that the people there hadnt quite gotten over the whole bloc party banquet hairdo of early 2004.

Watching: The winter olympics...... thinking of trying to find a figure skating costume to wear out to data rock tomorrow night... All that nude body stocking and sratigically placed bright lycra and sequins would just be too perfect!


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mail order bride....

It gets lonely sometimes in this big city, with no partner in crime!
Doing all my own dirty work by myself is getting to me....
So if you want to be baked these:

at least three times a week!
And want to be able to slap this:

at least 5 times a week!

I also know how to make a damn proper cup of tea....none of this twatting about with tea bag's business, .
In a pot, with loose tea (always earl grey!), turned 7 times and strained for your drinking pleasure!
What are you waiting for, i am the little lady for YOU!

( All applications are subject to a excruciating testing process)

Listening to :
Rickie Lee Jones- Priates, Screamin J Hawkins, The Presets- Are you the one 'remix', The russian Brides.

Margaret Olley- Far from a still life.
She is an pretty old australian still life painter. Its great if you like that kind of thing, i'm guessing not many people who read this will like it though, so i am not recomending it.
Also reading loved up text messages from my best friend Jordy in Paris.....- Granny (jordy's nickname) you are like the spring time in the tulip fields in Holland! Bisousssss bisousssss bisousssssssssssssssssssssssss

At bastille.....looking every bit the thrusting fox he is!

Together frezzing, but sharing the hottest body heat in the whole of damn Paris... Outside Le Palais de Tokyo.

Reunited in the homeland sharing some yellowfin hand rolls....sorrid tales from across the pacific!

I love you thanks for saving my valentines day from complele un-romantic hell, when will the day come when we can have a double date with our better half boys? God onlys knows!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I wish i was lolita on St valentines day.

Well it wasnt all bad yesterday, but i did drink enough gin to turn into a bitter housewife.
The best think about yesterday was developing a roll of negs in my photography class which was amusing because i spilt a whole jug of fixer on myself. It didnt bother me because i actually quite like the smell, until my teacher told me that every old man that works in a photographic lab gets cancer because of the chemicals. Oh well.
Not one single random, "hey nella, you know i think your awsome and i just wanted to tell you and will you be my valentine"text message.....not a single one.
There wasn't even something like this waiting for me:

Oh well i was waiting and hoping all day, so i could make plans with the anticipated valentines text message sender, but since there wasnt one i shimmed on down to the van she video launch for their song kelly.....I'm sure you'll see it on mtv sometime soon.
This is me being Lolita on St Valentines day:

Anyway hang out with my friend Hickey she is a spinster like me...... And she is about to make an impact on myspace in a very big massive kinda way.

This last picture is with my friend aimee, eating the only type of E that we do eat.

All in all had a pretty stock standard singletons valentines day....

write something more interesting soon, when i interview someone who looks like a rat and skates like feret on a few E's!

x nella