Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I wish i was lolita on St valentines day.

Well it wasnt all bad yesterday, but i did drink enough gin to turn into a bitter housewife.
The best think about yesterday was developing a roll of negs in my photography class which was amusing because i spilt a whole jug of fixer on myself. It didnt bother me because i actually quite like the smell, until my teacher told me that every old man that works in a photographic lab gets cancer because of the chemicals. Oh well.
Not one single random, "hey nella, you know i think your awsome and i just wanted to tell you and will you be my valentine"text message.....not a single one.
There wasn't even something like this waiting for me:

Oh well i was waiting and hoping all day, so i could make plans with the anticipated valentines text message sender, but since there wasnt one i shimmed on down to the van she video launch for their song kelly.....I'm sure you'll see it on mtv sometime soon.
This is me being Lolita on St Valentines day:

Anyway hang out with my friend Hickey she is a spinster like me...... And she is about to make an impact on myspace in a very big massive kinda way.

This last picture is with my friend aimee, eating the only type of E that we do eat.

All in all had a pretty stock standard singletons valentines day....

write something more interesting soon, when i interview someone who looks like a rat and skates like feret on a few E's!

x nella