Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mail order bride....

It gets lonely sometimes in this big city, with no partner in crime!
Doing all my own dirty work by myself is getting to me....
So if you want to be baked these:

at least three times a week!
And want to be able to slap this:

at least 5 times a week!

I also know how to make a damn proper cup of tea....none of this twatting about with tea bag's business, .
In a pot, with loose tea (always earl grey!), turned 7 times and strained for your drinking pleasure!
What are you waiting for, i am the little lady for YOU!

( All applications are subject to a excruciating testing process)

Listening to :
Rickie Lee Jones- Priates, Screamin J Hawkins, The Presets- Are you the one 'remix', The russian Brides.

Margaret Olley- Far from a still life.
She is an pretty old australian still life painter. Its great if you like that kind of thing, i'm guessing not many people who read this will like it though, so i am not recomending it.
Also reading loved up text messages from my best friend Jordy in Paris.....- Granny (jordy's nickname) you are like the spring time in the tulip fields in Holland! Bisousssss bisousssss bisousssssssssssssssssssssssss

At bastille.....looking every bit the thrusting fox he is!

Together frezzing, but sharing the hottest body heat in the whole of damn Paris... Outside Le Palais de Tokyo.

Reunited in the homeland sharing some yellowfin hand rolls....sorrid tales from across the pacific!

I love you thanks for saving my valentines day from complele un-romantic hell, when will the day come when we can have a double date with our better half boys? God onlys knows!