Tuesday, September 19, 2006

"Beautiful people, aw you'll never have to be alone. Because there will always be someone with the same button on as you."

Sunday, was great. I took J.P to the movies as a belated birthday present!
She loved it, the new Hill Duff movie + Large pop corn + cokes as big as
my head again. They were so big i couldnt hold them up to drink in the movie
i had to bend over and sip from the straw leaving the massive cup in the holder thing.

These are some gigantic 3D movie watching glasses, in the cinema. Why?
Why not?

Hoyts on George st is now the daggy cimnema we decided. No one goes there anymore.
This means that the cinemas are empty and there is no DUMB art house movies.

After the cinematic master piece of 'Material Girls', JP and i did a little shopping in david jones and thought that some pasta at Bill and tony's would be great... it would have been great but they dont serve pasta till 6pm... it was 5pm.... WINE TIME.
Look how much of a light weight i am compared to my best friend. I want to put her in a goon skulling competition, we would clean UP!

Then finally we got our pasta an free gallon of orange cordial and basket of stale bread. We thought of a theory why they give you the free bread before your meal. Its so you fill up on all the bread and leave half your meal, then they food processor it all up and make more meat balls from it! EEEEEWWWWW. but so true!

After all those carbs i needed digestion walk, so i thought i should go and say sorry to viv at the cricks for being so drunk that i couldnt open the door to leave on friday. Here is anna who made me grow hairs on my chest with a pretty much straight vodka, that candle is now in the next 'Romance was born' Range its going to be covered in glitter and $200 available at capital L next week.

Upstairs i bumped into my favorite wine club, mostly we talked about Fil's spear fishing new puchase, and porno's.

I have a feeling that i'm the first ever girl to whitness a wine club meeting in session, although it wasnt at the official club house (fil's lounge room) it was pretty insightful. There wasnt any wine drunk? What a front!

Getz was tired from out drinking Will in Melbourne the night before, yeah right!

Its almost like we're friends again. Crossed eyes= why is my crazy psycho ex girlfriend so funy and hot!

Then i left without saying good bye, its my new thing, mysterious and un-available.
Hot tailed it outta there and to newtown to meet Luke and Tim. They had been at 'Earth dance' all day, how cute they bought matching pink plastic bears.

Two pairs of bears.... all kissing, cute!

Matching braces... SNAP.

Squashed in a gay love sandwich, the other day my friend thomas wrote me a myspace comment saying :"You were invented by gays" At first i was kind of upset, and like "NOOOO" but now looking back, maybe i am.

Luke and Tim and Jake with some old gay man at the gay bar.

There were no drag shows that night so Luke and I jumped at the chance to have our own off broadway musical, these photos are meant to be like year 12 drama class.

Year 12 Drama: Kind of kooky but still pretty girl and her best friend the accepted but unaccepted gay. Over acting our socks off, and jealousy over her athletic boyfriend that the gay has been in love with since year 5.

It was sad at first when Luke got a boyfriend, i was the third wheel for maybe an hour. Look at me trying to get in and not be left out, my knees are in the photo!

Alicia is really obsessed with the free range chicken sticks from Chicken wizard, I took her word for it.

There was nothing much left but some dangy peas that had been in the bay-marie since probably that morning.

The decor is amazing, dancing chickens everywhere!

After all that excitment i slept so well, best sleep ever.
Also i'd been so confussed and banged up for an idea of what to dress up for
haloween as... i was going to be a pumpkin or a ballarina from swan lake...but it was all a bit nab.... Then after my monster sleep.

Anyway, i'm going to read some in bed and drink a cup of tea.
Today was a total drag at the slaughter house and tomorrow will be just as bad.


Listening to: CSS- Lets make love, Suzi Quatro - Devil gate drive, Tom petty- it'll all work out, Weezer -Say it aint so(infact anything weezer, back to being my favorite band, i'm reverting back to being 14.)Madonna - La isla bonita. (its a classic.)

reading: A book on El Lissitzky, its very interesting although most of it would be more fun in practice.

watching: my waist, no more cookies tomorrow!

Monday, September 18, 2006


These were taken by my friend Liz ham, on that really hot saturday a couple of weeks ago, when it reached 26degrees in winter! What is happening el-niiinz!Shit, and also on global warming, australia isnt going to get much rain from now till april. Oh and spain is going to have wicked massive deverstating flooding... YEAH NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL! So dont go to spain, not that i was planing to, dont make me say i told you so!
So right, these photo's are of me and Liz's fiance James. We were at Surry Hills markets, they had their own a stall and i was just helping jolyon with his stall of shit. But with the midday long neck run Liz was soon left alone because James snuck off to have double rum and cokes at the Clock hotel.... Suddenly an engagment ring isnt so appealing. They were taken after he had come back stummbling with trucker burnt arms and stinking of booze, we noticed we had the same hat on which instantly meant...ta dah!


Peace Nella!