Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Crunkin Cream Eggs...

Joc and I played at RWB's Hip Hop easter party on Thursday night, it went down hill from there.

Back to back Ronnies poses.
I'm sure everyone is keeping Jess- Veronica in their thoughts. Just putting it out there, she has the old Mary Kate's if you know what i mean. She is a shadow of Lisa at the moment, and wearing all that black isnt helping.

You can always tell its going to be a good night when Gang Signs are thrown before midnight.

Our Bunny Brigade played some pretty excellent songs. Toya - 'Party all night' was a highlight.

Anna's bunny was getting super boozed, my little chickies stayed sober, they weren't even old enough for a pussy drink like Shandies..... They kept on chirping in my ears 'baileys and skim milk ep ep ep' Cheeky little birds.

We are for realz. Heaps Realz. My 'tin can' Rolex was a spastic touch to an already way too over the top outfit.... it broke within minutes, not that i would know if it were minutes those hands handn't ticked a second.

Who would have thunk it?!?!? I won the easter had parade, it wasnt that hard. Everyone else did some last ditch dumb efforts to out shine, THEY LOST.

Then i went home.

My taxi driver and i celebrated my win by sharing some easter eggs and letting me pick 96.1 on the radio.


Nas what do you even know, you bought Kelis a fake canary yellow swarovski engagement ring!
Your Gold Mark not Jacobs!

Chicks at the bar......

A couple of weeks ago it was 'Chicks at the bar' night.
We went to the cricks because its the only place we are brave enough to play our titillating new drinking game 'Top Up'....
It goes a little like this, wait till no bar staff are looking and you have to top up your own beer backwards.


* Brands count, you can't go topping up a Carlton with an upgrade of Coopers. Scrubbers.
* If punters spot you and try to rat you out you have to pour them beers too.
* All pulling of beers must be done seated and backwards.

Bonus Points:

* If you run the tap dry.
* The quality of the pour, if you pour a perfect beer its like a bazillion bonus points.

Sucks I was playing with two of Sydney's cutest bar wenches!


Lakers Girlzzzz!

Paula Abdul ..... mama cita! She will always be everyones favorite Laker Grrrl.

Running out of excuses to get your nails done? Basketball teams colours!