Saturday, September 16, 2006

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

Since maybe you only justed started reading the nella chronicles or you dont know me at all and just think i'm a pretty cute, pretty funny girl. I've decided to do give you a little bit of insight.

This was almost 2 years ago now, it was christmas eve at the clare. Viv used to work there, now she works at the cricketers. Anway this is me and viv. She is one of my best friends and is part of my knitting club 'Bitches with stitches'. Actually its only me and her in the club. I love her.

This was last christmas, with my grandmother and puppy, pollyanna. I think i was really hungover and didnt get the presents i wanted so wasnt really into the whole christmas thing.

Jordy my other more better half. He is the most lovely friend in the world. We met when we were both working at Tsubi (maybe 4 years ago) and even though it was a really big space and plently of desks we wanted to hang out all day together so we shared a desk, like at school. Anyway, he has since moved to Paris to work for another friend. I visited him once and am going to go back soon. Awwwwww missing your other half is so sad.

This used to be my boyfriend for a long time, Glen. We broke up a while ago. We are trying to talk not to each other now because it always turns into dumb fighting. But i still love him alot. This photo seemed appropriate because he works at a music company, but his extent of playing is restricted to the games at arcades on george st.

This is me at my sometimes job at the slaughter house (auction house). Its pretty boring most of the time and i dont really like the people who buy stuff. But whatever.

Then last summer my friend Mikey said he had met this girl who was swiss but lived in london, and thought we might get along well. He was right. Athena and i had the biggest summer of fun ever. This was taken before we were going out for a night on the town. Plenty of party dresses and gin and tonics. She has gone back to London now but will be back in November.

I have this secret, i'm totally and utterly addicted to office works and stationary. Its really the only that can make me really happy, if i feel a bit sad or have had a crap week, the label maker machine isle really makes everything better.

This was a car we were selling at the slaughter house, it was the best car i've ever seen, it was heaps and heaps of money though so i didnt get it.
I really like red wine, like i really really like it.

This is possibly the funniest photo i've ever taken, talk about making a mountain out of a mole-hill!

Two of my most favorite things, coffee and taking photos!

RIP JOAQUIN, no i actually dont know them but since i've never had anyone i know die i thought it would be good to prepare myself for it. So we went to the cemetery, it was really sad, and i hope i dont have to go back anytime soon. P.S JOAQUIN PHEONIX is really hot, thats why i chose this grave for the photo.

I've not been on a date for ages, i wonder why? walrus chop sticks... My hair was really blonde for ages, it was this colour when i was a little kid, maybe i couldnt move on and wished it was still this colour.

Then this one time my friend and main gay Sam won big on the slots! Fo cereal! At the asian mandarin club, we celebrated all night with $2 campari and soda's. Thats how he got his nickname :NEW MONEY!

This is my friend Michaella, she has her own radio show on FBI wednesday to friday, the breakfast shift. Havent seen her for a while.... call me bitch!

My grandma's birthday was a damn riot.... HAHAHA my mum is in this photo she is on the right at the window.

Lastly i really like ice skating. Thats all.

Back off gold dust woman!

So, i've been alone and miserable the past couple of weeks.
Jolyon left me for dead, opting for a footloose fancy free gay old time in Melbourne.
Which really sucks because now i have no-one to hang out with on wednesdays and see movies. He is the only one that understands how funny "You smell like lead pencil's" is.
Lukes mail order boyfriend from melbourne arrived yesterday and i've been pushed away like last years christmas presents.
Watching dvd's in bed and trying to finish knitting scarves for a fading winter, is pretty much my favorite things to do on Friday nights now.
But before i became such a nanna, i was once a crazy young drunk:

Luke, Jolyon and i went to Laurens birthday party at the gass light, it started at 5pm, we got there at 5.25pm. Second to arrive, way last to leave. This was half way though the night. HALLARIOUS!

This was also really side splittingly funny. Jolyon made funny voices with a packet of ciggs. I have never seen people with teeth like that, so basically those scare tactic's are not working on me.

Luke and i spiked our own beers with vodka, there is only one thing that can follow that..... A STEVIE WONDER IMPRESSION! Its really funny, i'll do it for you one time when i'm drunk enough "here i am baby, signed sealed delivered!"

"I JUST CALLED TO SAY I LOVE YOU". This is really the only impression that i can do, so i make the most of it.

Earlier that day we walked up to Crown st from chinatown, i made jolyon go the long way under wynyard station so i could skope for hot professional men in suits. There were none.

There is so wierd history art thing that looks like water, i think its something to do with captain cook, but maybe not. But its really creepy and gross.

Earlier earlier that day, we went on our last wednesday lunch date in Chinatown, the sussex centre food court. Which is highly romantic and has so much ambiance you just get lost in the moment. Anyway i made sure to get one of every sauce just incase, Jolyon kept on calling my tray "48 shades of brown" like that new shitty australian movie. Also i find it really appealing when my coca cola is bigger than my head, its kind of sick.

Woah that was flavorsome!I didnt get through much, but i gave it my best shot. You know that japanese place on Cleavland st that has the 6liter udon noodle soup eating competition? Well i would be so crap at that.

So its saturday night, mostly everyone i know is out having fun, but i've opted for another night in. Just watched some telly, it was dumb. Going to make hot chocolate and try and finish my knitting.

Take it breezy!
Knitorious N.I.T...

watching: Loads of telly, mainly Laguna beach the third season is really getting slutty and good. Entertainment tonight to get the updates on the mysterious death of Anna Nicole Smiths son. Tomorrow i really have to leave my house, so i'm going to the movies with J.P to see material girls, the new Hill and Hayle duff movie.


Listening: Midlake - Young bride,Peter Paul and Mary - Lime and the coconut, Neil diamond - Girl you'll be a woman soon, Hill duff - Play with fire, The concretes - LONELY AS CAN BE!!!!!!!!!