Thursday, July 13, 2006

I miss the summer time....

So much fun in the sun..... (p.s i dont tan.)
Can't wait to wear dresses with no tights, and not worry about getting runs in my stockings halfway through the day.
Dont get me wrong winter is amazing, just not in sydney. It just get half-arsed cold, it doesnt feel right.
Lucky Luke and i have planned a trip to the coin drop solarium at taylors square this weekend, to burn.

Christian Slater is really good looking in person.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

whiskey mac's and a xanex set at the pod wars - 'hi daddy warlocks'

Saturday night called for an outfit which was in between a mix of cute and dance-able.
If i had known that the venga boys were going to be played, then i would have worn more lycra. But hey!
Bowing out gracfully of this round of pod wars and becoming a judge was suprisingly easy.

Mikey with a very dizzy darth vader.

Sam lost his ipod in his D.I.V.O.R.C.E.... but i'm sure if he ever plays it will blow out.

After the D.I.V.O.R.C.E sam picked himself one of these little babies up at the adopt a gay hottie pounds.

Posessed by whiskey mac's and some stressfull judging, at some point i was threatening to give ZEROS if people
i didnt like entered....

Benna and Sam slow and sex during Tall Mikey and Benny's xanex set.....'just like honey......just like HONNNNEEEYYYY!'

Thats more like it, little turtle doves.

Whats better than taking the X? Just pretending you have, duh?!?!

This was the most action i've had in the past year.....For serious. At least is was with a slutty glittered up mermaid.
Gibson tipped wax over her nipples latter that night, what a whore.

Walking down oxford st later that night, Benna spotted this group of girls with a bunch of 21st birthday
balloons, i felt like running over and telling her that its really not going to get much better and that at 22 everything is
still the same but duller and done more times.

PIZZA PIZZA PIZZA..... my eyes are glazed in whiskey mac haze. It was so gross i could taste it when i woke up this morning, you know when you brush your teeth 4 times and still cant get rid of the taste.....eeeewwww.

To cheer up beautiful Benna i joined in a dance off with these really cool girls who had sexy outfits and were going to
Club Retro on Sussex St because there are apparently 'really hot guys there and great dancing music.'

Then it all got too much...

xxx nella

listening to : The truth about cats and dogs (they die)- Ponu up!, Leave me lying here- Veruca salt, Jane says- Janes Addiction, Aint no other man - Christina Aguilera