Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Sorry dedicated readers.... (rose and justin!), 'like sand through an hour glass so are the days of our lives' THATS RIGHT I HAVE A LIFE! And i broke my camera, but i put in the asian repair shop at broadway shopping centre to get a new battery flap put on. Enough with the excuses, here are some photos of my so called life... (SNAP! i love that show!)

the only way to keep up that shadow of your former self, breakfast of twinnings earl grey loose leaf tea and some cigarettes.

it was a cold windy day and old perverts got a look up my flowing skirt.

the best net-burner in NSW..... SOPHIE HUNTER!

she doesnt even flinch when i do stuff like this.

1 of 3..... each closer to me falling off.

2 of 3..... closer...

3 of 3..... HA didnt fall, amazing.

the newest recruit to my jew-crew.... Lauren Hotz.... you know how we roll, SHALOM BITCHES!

the cutest flower i found at the cactus garden..

it is a native to south africa...

do you think they sell them at bunnings?

nothing but a bunch of damn lesbian hood-rats!

Sarah Read-bags, is a big fan of the mexican flavour..... WHO ISN'T?

Sophie Hunter and Melissa Pont surveying the menu, give it up! AS IF YOU ARENT GETTING NACHO'S!

i wish i lost my virginity in this hat.

hahahaha its so gross, it gave us all fart attacks and sore tummys for a couple of days... but was totally worth it!

sometimes i am kind of amazing, this is one of those times.

*Appart from all that fun stuff, i am so mad crushed out on chad michael murrey from one tree hill... ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY!
*I won the POD WAR finally.... sheesh.... RHYTHYM IS A DANCER BY SNAP got me over the line FIRST!
*Still dont have anyone to bake for and keep me warm at night.... an electric blanket and constantly thinking "who ate all the cookies?" when it was you, isnt so good.
*Totally want to learn a new knitting stitch, plain is getting boring.
*Have been too busy working to notice i am slightly festively plump.
*Sam Hodge is still my main gay.... But i tell Luke he is so he doesnt get jealous.

xxx nella