Wednesday, May 10, 2006

final destination 1,2&3.... an asian adventure.

firstly, the ins and outs in nail colour fashion:

So i was feeling crappy and teary and gross, whats a girl to do? GO AND GET REALLY FUN MANICURE'S and cry about boys to the asian manicurist that doesn't know a word of english. Orange is the new nude.
Wednesdays are totally devoted to fun friend dates, so Jolyon and i hit up Chi-town big time.

Eating korean BBQ in the sussex centre, best ever! I'm so not affraid of carbs.

Jolyon and all the other mingers in this town must now only get hair do's here.

MONCHICHI'S MONCHICHI'S. They are cute and scary, but i really love them.

Then we went to this shop and jolyon made me try on the harajuku girl clothes,
it freaked me out and i had to leave and smoke at least 5 cigarettes to get over it.
Our date was going so great, but it to top it off we went to the movies on george st to see Final Destination is a cinematic master piece 4 and a half stars.

A freak rain storm hit and we had to wait it out at the gaslight.

Good night, i have a monster-truck headache and am making a present for a friend's birthday...... people who dont give birthday presents or make cards are fucking rude.

listening to : birthday - junior boys