Sunday, November 05, 2006

Justify My Thug!

My Bizarch called an emergency Jay-Z fanclub meeting this afternoon.

But i got there and she was still being a super nerd on her computer with two screens, apparently thats what you need to have to be director.
She said the most exciting thing that happened to her before i got there was that she almost trashed her whole hard drive....Biz you live 15 steps away from 'sexy nails' on cleavland st, what are you doing?

The meeting started and we played 'Girls Girls Girls', we were rapping the first verse together and then stopped realising we were both the whitest girls ever. And Jig was never going to leave Beyonce for us.

Biz threw up a diamond over Jigga! Jigga what!

I found this badge she had in one of her piles of crap. It's really funny i laughed at it for almost 5mins, heck even Jew's like to rave!

Then we moved our fan club meeting down to Bourke st Bakery, they really hate us there.
Biz said it was because we spend lots of money there just on lunches and because they are earning crap and smelling like yeasty sausage rolls. There was also this girl serving with a huge naked midriff, i'm sorry midriff's should be banned in hospitality. I dont care if its Surry Hills and you feel it makes you an individual by showing off you lame lower back tattoo's, NO ABDOMINAL SWEAT IN MY SKIM LATTE THANKS!

Thank you Roc-A-Fella' finest..... JIGGA!

Diamonds are forever...
Nella x

Listening to :
Irreplaceable (which should be called: To the left)- Beyonce, Tightrope- Steph Mac.
Thats it.... on repeat!