Monday, January 29, 2007

Lets hug this out, BITCH!

Tuesday 23rd January 9.45pm: Nelson >>> Alex, Brave
BRASS IN POCKET, BRASS IN POCKET, BRASS IN POCKET. If you dont call when when they play it i will be totes dev forever.

Tuesday 23rd January 10.30pm: Alex,Brave >>> Nelson
Chrissie is wearing jeans.

Tuesday 23rd January 10.35pm: Nelson >>> Alex, Brave
Lesbian. Brass in pocket, brass in pocket.

Tuesday 23rd January 10.38pm: Alex,Brave >>> Nelson
Whatever go put on your black jeans.

Tuesday 23rd January 10.39pm: Nelson >>> Alex, Brave
Ev's, you would know K.D!

Tuesday 23rd January 10.41pm: Alex,Brave >>> Nelson
Does that stand for Kool Dude?

Tuesday 23rd January 10.45pm: Nelson >>> Alex, Brave
p.s come home safe.

Tuesday 23rd January 10.46pm: Alex,Brave >>> Nelson
I'll try.

Tuesday 23rd January 10.48pm: Nelson >>> Alex, Brave
Not that i care or anything, twat!

CALL: Alex, Brave.....

Tuesday 23rd January 10.50pm: Nelson >>> Alex, Brave
I can't hear it properly, you have to sing the first line so i know what song it is. And stop stalking me stalker-razzi!

Tuesday 23rd January 10.53pm: Alex,Brave >>> Nelson
Nice try at being aloof, i give you a 1.


Totes obsessed with:
*Entourage- Why have i not watched this series before, Jeremy Piven is amazing!
*My new summer glow- cancer much?
*Text messages-flirty, sexy, breif, direct, one word, essay length, being dumped, badly spelt, to the wrong number, cancelling a date, a reminder, my bank balance.... They are the best.
*Good old fashioned girls catching up to for coffee to ask "Do you think that he isn't calling because I'm fat?" and "Dont worry sweety, you are way prettier than her, she is nothing but a slutty bitch, did you see what she was wearing on saturday night?" and "Do you think that means he likes me? because i kind of like his friend."
*Frozen grapes.

Love and tenderness!



Went to watch Sheils eat some salmon terriyaki, just watched. You know i dont do carbs.

We talked about the usual stuff climate change, new nail polish colours,economic growth, boys, drought,outfit combinations and PC v's MAC.

Then i went crazy for a massive SOY CHAI LO CAL LATTE WITH HONEY CINNAMON DE CAF.