Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So along with my whole new fresher look, which is gracing the latest entries of The Chronnies,
I've also updated my ever so handy LINKS. They are so usefull, the swiss army knife of the blog.
Really. I've even included the Telly guide (see 'What's on telly?') Not that much good stuff is on telly yet, Home and Away just started back after their summer break though.

My latest edition is : KIT IS SO WAY KUTE!
Its my friend Kit's blog, she leads a very interesting life, has a boyfriend (joined at the groin, really)
and is in my favorite all star girl-power rap group SYLK!
Sometimes we catch the bus together. Now i am totally stocked we are BLOG BUDDIEZ!
We are going to hang at Net-Caf's together and frequent really stalkerazzi forums and compare avatars!
So hit up the links list and totally indulge in a bit Kit!


My venus-da-milo-and-milk!

Omg she is such a chameleon to her environments. Just amazing.

This was at this really massive party for Oyster Magazine, and anyway this boy was there who i had a thrush on and my ex-boyf was there too. So Luke invented me a drink called "THE FEAR CHASER" alls you got to do is get the free champagne and red bulls from the bar, skull half the glass of champagne then fill the glass with some red bull then skull the whole thing. It knocks any kind of fear right outta ya!

Anyway then we got really pretty and decided to drink these sick drinks, looking at this photo i just had a little bit of vomit in my mouth!

Here is a present for Kit:

The are basically a SYLK cover band, can you belive it?
Ezzy, Kit and Nina better watch their backs.

See you on the bus, you backseat bandit!