Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hill Duff is stalker free and single..... meanwhile I'm on the Karl Lagerfeld diet.

With the very depressing news just in on the spilt of west hollywoods hottest emo power couple Hill Duff and Joel Madden, a party was thrown in a very fitting theme....
Although I was not present at the party (I wasnt invited, but lets not tackle that issue right now.) but it seems as though 3/4 of my loyal readers were:

Dool's looking every bit the boyfriend of Pete Wentz. Thats right, Pete Wentz is not going out with Ashlee Simpson, because Dool's recomended her a plastic surgeon, a sneaky ploy to make them break up.... HEY IT WORKED, silly bitch!

Nina was my favorite half of The Ronnies, Jess. Too Pretty.
In other Nina&Nella news, no one has emailed us about our new all girl with microphone DJ Troupe that we started...weddings, christmas parties, batmizvah's, kids birthday parties... we are your ladies. nellavan@optusnet.com.au

Nina and Sophie made the best Ronnies ever and 4EVER....

Wow guys party looked really fun, thanks for the invitation..... its ok i was busy anyway. Doing way more interesting stuff like colour co-orindating my socks and a whole book of sudoku puzzles that night anyway.

So apart from my Un-Official Jay Z Fanclub of which i'm the president.... I've also got a bike club, its going to a pretty good start except the only other member has a broken bike.
And when i myspaced him a picture of our new club logo:

This is what i got in return:

Really nice Dave, your a gracious first member aren't you.

Listening to:
READABOOK- Bonami "D'mite" Armah, (Possibly the most amazing rap anthem this year, but no one play it a pod war because Glen has first dibs.)
Your breaking my heart - Harry Nilsson ( With the line 'Your breaking my heart, you turned it apart, so fuck you")
My love- Justin Timberlake feat T.I (This song is so good, and Justin Timberlake is just so hot its ridic! Can he just stop it already!)
Bad Boys - Inner Circle ( If you havent listened to this song since year 5, please dig out your 100% hits of 93 or whatever and have the best time ever!)

Ummmmm Duh. Its in the title of this post. My new Karl Lagerfeld diet book.
It has a chapter called : Harmful Spare Tires.
In this relm, did you know Nina and i both wear Vines (the band) T-shirts to the gym.

Take it Breezy.... and with this weather it's your only choice.