Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I waited an hour and a half in the cold for you... Lucky the next day californian nails had a new shade of nude!

Whats with the coat hanger?
Can someone please explain this concept to Luke and I?
I'm refeering to the planned new years eve fireworks, in which an image of a coat
hanger is going to be blazing all over the harbour bridge.
WHY? Is it a reminder to all the big fat david jones mums out there that the sales are almost over? I dont get it? The whole thing is just too funny for words, Luke and I are now going to have to make Coat hanger hat things for new years, they will be jazzed up for the special night real pretty though. Who's got spirit? WE DO!
Speaking of new years eve, looks like once again i will be doing a whole lot of nothing with my angry gay bearded best friend. Luke has been reminding me i'm really funny and the life of a party, but its kind of getting old. We are both getting each other "He is just not that into you" for christmas.

What is it with Li Lo writting all these letters? First was about her mourning of Robert Altman, she said in that letter
"If I can do anything for those who are in a very hard time right now, as I'm one of them with hearing this news, please take advantage of the fact that I'm just a phone call away....."
Well Linds, I'm kind of having a hard time right now and where the hell are you?
Last night i stood around for an hour and a half talking to people who knew i didnt want to talk to them because of a boy i like and dont like after a seeing a band, which i totally didnt go to for their musical ability. WHERE ARE YOU LINDS? AND WHATS YOUR PHONE NUMBER Luke would also like some help with a complaint letter he is writting to sunday life magazine.
LiLo has also written another letter, but it didn' t even make sense and why is she hitting on Al Gore?
Anyway, so ages ago i went to see this band Animal Collective @Newtown which totally should only be allowed to have elderly cabaret shows with Rhonda Birchmore, what is with the carpet and lounge chairs?

FYI I now have a fringe and look much better... But what a choice so many levels of fun!

I chose the socially responsible gaming area, you could win all these great prizes.... depressing much?

Not satisfied with having a minimal @Newtown experience.... I wanted live, breath and digest it.This was the mixed entrees Hick's and i shared, notice there is a missing calamari ring? We did and they deep fried just ONE and brought it out. Deep Fried should be named Deep Friend for fatties.

This was on the tropical singles themed deck, they were like real palm tress only metal and painted gold and in the smoking area on a night where most people need to smoke to keep up an illusion of cool and thin.

Can someone please get me off the damn machines?

After getting all hyped up on gambling, Hick's had to sit me down with a chai so i would snap out of it.

I wasn't counting on a summer romance because he is not romantic but if you kiss someone once, and then again, and again it kind of means more than a lump of coal.
Every time i tell my best friend Viv about boys i've met i'll always say "And the best thing is Viv, he is totally normal. Like completely normal, its great. He doesn't even notice that he will wear a clothing combination made up of 6 different themes."
Well that is the last time i waste my cute little outfits and kisses on normal!

Listening to :

*All the man hating classic's all the girls and anything written by that dykey lezzer Diane Warren.... I LOVE HER!

Oh yeah Luke and Cuz and I have totally named this summer, the summer of Stevie Wonder.

I love you swampy!


P.s Dont go and see The Black Dahila, along with everything that happened this week IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.