Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The flavours of Tuscany have found a home in the Shire...

That was the headline of my favorite section of the good living suppliment in tuesdays SMH. Its the 'HOMECOOK HERO', my dream is to be featured. There is usually a heartfelt story of cooking brining families together and then their favorite recipe...
This week Carla from Sutherland gave everyone her favorite sour cream cake, what would i have? Ambrosia salad.
Keeping on the homely feeling:

There was a rain storm last saturday night, so Luke and i had a good old fashioned stoned loungeroom party... We couldnt turn up the music too loud because the woman next door has cancer.

Look how good Luke is at doing the Dean Geyer idol finger at the camera point, Luke thinks his best assets are his calves.

One shoe on, smoke in shot, a really exream outfit choice....is this not screaming good old fashioned stoner lounge room?

I'm the prissy hot girl who gets stoned and then noids out about her hair or cant fit everything back into her hand bag after searching for a pastel pink lip gloss for half an hour. Equal amounts of annoying and pretty.

Another sure sign of the stoner lounge room party, the disgusting coffee table with junk on it.EWWWWWEEYYERRRR'S.

Table dancing to Madonna's live confessions concert and knowing both the intro and outro...

Michael had just about had enough of me and Luke, i can understand. By this time Luke had changed 5 times and reverted back to the orginal outfit he had been wearing all day.We were ready to go...

Taking cover from paps is always the way to attract the right kind of attention at the old fitz. In a famous by association way.

We met up with Tangman for some $5 double gin and tonics, this wall is giving an illusion of the old fitz actually being semi decent. Its crappy, except Luke and i are going to do a spoken word Madonna (him) Jay-Z (me) tribute at the community theatre down stairs. Or Maybe a stage version of 8mile.

Locked in love! Dont hate the player... hate the game.

Luke has been falling in the same bushes as Lindsay Lohan, he is channeling her latest sympathy bandage accessory!

Listening to : Boomkat - 'Yo!Verture'...... Jay-Z- 'kingdom come'!!!

The official president of the Un-Official Jay-Z fanclub.

p.s Dool's has opted for being The Official Recruitment Officer of the Un-Official Jay-Z fanclub. So hit him up for membership, there is a very rigorous initiation so if you have any old misterminers, dont fret Jay-Z used to sell heaps of coke.