Sunday, March 09, 2008

Did you know Uncle Karl's first sexual encounter was at 13?

So Luke and I have watched the 'Lagerfeld Confidential' (free with last months Australian Vogue) 7 times each. Viewed stoned and not stoned. Much better stoned.
It is the funniest documentary since Summer Heights! If you are not in fits by 13:56 then you obviously are not worth knowing.
The favorite scenes include Karl's 100 ipods all different on the marble mantle, (he likes music and has a compilation C.D out) Karl ruffling through a draw full of detachable colars 'what to choose Karl?', The sneaky camera work trying to catch him with his TM. glasses on but when they do he just looks creepy and old, Our Nicole acting all coy and slutty doing a weird photoshoot in a nightclub - gross!, Karl showing us his favorite pillow he has had since he was a baby- awwww NOT!, and our favorite Karl confessing to having sex at 13...... WHO KNEW? WHO WANTED TO KNOW?
It is basically 1:24 mins of Karl swanning his newest butty-boy from bumfuck nowhere around the world takin some pervy pictures and making dumb jokes which his whole staff have to kack themselves laughing at.

So genius!

To some more excellent fashion news,( for anyone who cares) my favorite french fashion house Cacharel has started a new partnership with Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto! So exciting, can't think of a better combination. For anyone else who loves knitwear as much as i do, i'm sure your wetting your pants too!

Although this week has been very exciting with fantastic news on all fronts:

*Del Katherine Barton winning the Archibald ( from the grand-daughter of an archibald winner, 1949 - Arthur Murch - Bonar Dunlop to Del Kat Bar, congratulations and your portrait shits all over that NW montage of Heath Ledger that everyone is banging on about!)

*The Romance was Born exhibition at Federation square arts center, amazin.

*The new stretsis range, so cute.

There had to be a downer on the situation, and the little shit did it again:
"Sydney-based fashion designer Ben Pollitt can add another accolade to his already impressive resume. The self-taught designer of Friedrich Gray has taken out the title for the 2008 LMFF Designer Award presented by Woolmark and supported by Vogue Australia, during a special presentation at the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival."

He totally didnt deserve the award, when you learn how to do a fucking french seam give me a call Ben! His worse than the freaky girl from Project runway that used 'spit marks' to grade a pattern.


(as requested by the sweet little patootie Jocelin)

*Skins season 2 - only up to ep 4 but so addicted, its getting really dark. Wish that Cassie and Sid would finally get together properly.. ahhh british people!
*Project Runway FINAL - YAY CHRISTIAN WON! He deserved it, but i wish Gillian came 2nd she totally ruled too. Victoria Beckham was FIERCE!
*ANTM cycle 10 - Ohhh child! Tyra is looking tired! Fatima is such a bitch, i dont care if she is Iman reincatnate, I love the punky girl!

Listening to:
* JANET JACKSON - DISCIPLINE : So so so so genius! 'Rock with you' is my favorite.
*Usher ft Young Jeezy - 'In this club' : Such a good come back Ush! It also kinda reminds me of 'Tokyo ghetto pussy' which is sick.
*Hot Chip - 'Coming on Strong' : Mainly the ballads because i've been having a depression rut.

If your as obsessed with winning stuff as I am (cannot drag me kicking and screaming away from a meat raffle!) well start getting excited because i'm going to have a competition, dont know what the winner will receive yet, but its going to be really excellent!

My friend Emma once told me that their is nothing more satisfying than coming home to your husband with meat products which you won! She said it raised her worth as a woman in her eyes. Thats always nice, isnt it.

I have $38 till thursday so I'm sure nothing exciting will happen till then.