Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Is not lapping any kind of luxury.....

So I'm down to $14.20!
I don't think I have been this Po' (Thats how bob dylan and oprah say it) in a long time, since being a crappy student. Its getting desperate, I offered to wash my mums car for 20 bucks but she declined knowing the type of job i would do. My nails are looking desperate, my hair is looking a mess, my holiday skin is not on holiday anymore, i'm getting pimples thinking about it.

When i did have money, like a week ago, before i went to melbourne and net-a-porters free shipping started. (There is a really excellent Luella wallet on sale for like $180, i'm sure someone reading this really needs, also there is a pair of genius See By Chloe yellow overalls which would look totally cute on most of my girlfriends - www.net-a-porter.com)
I was a really exciting person, who went out and spent way too much money on fun things like sticker photos and champagne.

I even had famous friends like Jess from The Veronica's. People invited me to fun parties, like the R W B Show at the Kaliman gallery. It was so excellent, Viv did a total nudie dance out of a vagina apple, the clothes were beautiful. But that night ended in tears. AGAIN.... Wish i was Cameron Diaz in the Holiday with retarded tear ducts that didnt work, that movie is so terrible, DONT GET THE DVD.

I used to shop at really expensive shops like Orson and Blake, such a valued customer I was that they just used to let me lay around reading books researching my LA loft that i was (before i was broke) planning on building in one of those canyons over there.
(There are some excellent sale pieces there at the moment! Hurry! Best is the boys PAM selection and if your a size 6 and like Antipodium you'll be in heaven - I'm not a boy or a size 6!)

Those were the days when i could go to fancy dinners with my friends at the 90's modern bold and the beautiful esque japanese restaurant above the chinese dumpling house. It is so amazin Cass and Adam loved it sick, Stephanie Forester totally cuts your sashimi and Ridge is rolling handrolls all night long!

When i could go out and afford to be this drunk for dutch courage. James and Jess were raping me so bad that night, it was so funny. I've kind of gotten over that joke now, but this photo is great. James was cuttin me sick, and boy did Jess just lay it on me BAD!


ex boyfriend


My friend Jerry is coming to Sydney for Easter (you would know this if you had wall to walled us) Sophie and I are going to take him some where totally Sydney, just rub in how bad a melbounre guide his was to me he didnt even take me to Fifteen. I'm contemplating taking him to hurricanes in bondi, a really bad pub in the rocks on a saturday night or the bar that is made of ice near the dendy at circular quay where you can only stay for 20mins or you'll die and you have to wear horrible puffer jackets.

So i get paid on thursday afternoon, which will be good i can stop complaining then.