Sunday, April 16, 2006

Pretty Vexed right now...

This photo really doesnt need to be explained at all, quite possibly my hottest look this year!

Its been a pretty boozy jesus festival the past 3 days, so sunday night reflection in bed seems best.
Sorry for anyone that had to see me freak the fuck out last night at the gas light. My usually shy and
demure facade has been smashed to bits dammit. But the behaviour was warranted, and i have the bruises
to prove it!
A few thank you's:
Steele Bonus, thanks for your t-shirt that i wiped snot, mascara and tears on.
Jordi, for telling me he loved me under the cover of his hoodie.
Sam, for being a lying gay and buying me some red wine.
Justine, for being the bestest girlfriend in the world, who was the sexiest girl on the dance floor last night.
James, for holding me back, arms and legs still kicking.


'Girl i can see you been crying and you needed somebody to talk to'
Thank you for halling my ass off the middle of the road at a very lame suicide attempt.
Because there was a red light....
And for doing body rolls and sexy leg dancing at 3am.
And for being the greatest new friend a girl could ask for..
Oh and also for helping me steal schooner glasses so we could smash them.

Sorry to:
All the residents of Reservoir st who put their bins out last night.....
It just felt so good attacking them with Karate kicks and wailing laughter.
'Last seen a very small baby cub looking man scretching, followed by and totering heeled lady
in a flowing red dress and tear stained face in fits of laughter' -this would be our description that an angry elderly
neighbourhood watch officer would have left on the surry hills police station answering machine.

Listening to:
Cocteau Twins- those eyes that mouth
Giant Drag- Kevin is gay
styx- come sail away.

Boys with outragously hot upper bodies and a sense of humor.

Love nella
smarter and prettier than your average bird.