Sunday, April 16, 2006

We wound up in a ditch mum, i couldnt hear my phone.

So good friday, a day when liquor isnt sold to take away and the bars close at 9pm.
Luke and i managed to be a blubbering drunken vomiting mess and this is how it went:
We went to the ass light for a couple of beers and to skope guys, nothing appealing though.
But SAM managed to hook his hot little self up with pretty cute dude.
Anyway, there was some stuffing around buying a penthouse and a packet of mint slices for Ed and the darlo
Then we decide to have a night cap at Jason's Manor fruit lexia pinot is so amsome to end the night with.
The plan then was to go back to Lukes to listen to do lounge room dancing, BUT walking down Riley st we were
totally stalked by pounding huge footsteps headed our way, and then some scary old gay almost tried to mug us.
But we hot tailed it out of there freaking out, we ran down an alley and down another past the biggest roller door in
the southern Hemisphere and up another alley and ran into an TEEN HOUSE PARTY! The people
were really crap and wasted but they had a duty free size bottle of bean and coke which was very generous. There was all
this crap art on the walls which the guy told me about, it was so crap but i said "Your so talented, its amazing, its your passion....umm is there any pot?" He rolled us a joint, i booty danced to smashing pumpkins and we were outta there.
There was another house party we found but the people seemed to know each other and then luke spilt coke on
the white carpets so we bailed. Then back at Lukes pad we were totally stoned and Luke totally greened the fuck out
and vomited, PUSSY.
This little lady can handle her chronic y'all!

Listening to:
Ciara- Oh and my goodies.

Someone to watch dvd's in bed with me tonight in our knickers.