Monday, April 17, 2006

That 5 year life plan.... that i dont have.

So you know how people map out their goals in a 5 year life plan?
And you know that the people who have these 5 year life plans really only date someone else with
a 5 year life plan, then they merger their equally ambitous 5 year life plans to include stuff like:
*Go london to meet up with (insert identical couple now living in london).
*Jump three pay levels and buy a house.

Other crap like this.

Well here is mine:
*Make out on splash mountain at disneyland.
*Break at least one limb whilst doing an X tream sport or having sex.
*Win a competion for something really crap like a trip to noosa in a crap hotel and take luke with me so he complains the whole time.
*Get SSSSAAAAAAAMMMMM a boyfriend so he can stop this slut spiral.
*Buy some sort of investment, not including shoes.

Even if i get non of those things done, doesnt really matter.
But i will avoid a late twenties crisis and laugh at anyone having them because they aimed too high!

listening to:
Sugarcubes- Hit!