Monday, February 06, 2006

The first chronicle.......

This is the first chronicle........
Just spent the evening blowing my nose, and watching some DVD that one of my sisters stalkers made for her with video clips he had some how recorded on to VHS from rage and such then put them on DVD. 5 DVD's with 4 hours of video clips on each one. See he is a stalker, the guy had nothing better to do than make my sister these DVD's, probably on a saturday night, probably doing gross 17 year old boy things over a photo of her in between pressing burn on imovie.
Saying that, they were actually quite good, lots of Blur and other various britpop, although on that range there was a lack of supergrass. Highlight was Chrissie Amphlett : Science Fiction. She is amazing, i plan on reading her auto-bigography before the summer is out. I really like the high pitch ...... woohhhoooooowww's she does in the middle of her song.

Its a monday evening here and now.....and the weekend just past was slightly eventful and slightly dumb.
The slightly eventful part went like this:
My good friend Mikey asked me if i would partake in his 'POD WARS' night he was doing at the cricketers arms hotel on saturday. I said 'SURE'. The idea was that each participant would get 20mins and have either an already selected playlist or you could wing it and time the songs into each other. Then you would be judged by 3 Judges out of 10 : Mikey, Viv ( my best friend who works behind the bar), Dom (who owns the bar) and Melanie (some girl who was wasted and was having her birthday party there). Then the two highest score places would battle song for song for 5 songs. Winner gets a 6pack of beer.
So the night kicked off well, had a whiskey and water and a little bit of lemonade because i felt like i was coming down with a cold (which i now have) and i saw that in a movie once that whiskey helps colds. Spoke to Timmy Turntables (viv's boyfriend) about how gross johnny midnight (old flatmate at 314 crown st) used to smell because he only used to wash his clothes with water and no sud's, Timmy also reminded me of the time Johnny owed him rent money but convinced Timmy that swapping him two tshirts would more than make up for the rent. Then Timmy wore one of his newly aquired 'rent-money tshirt's' to get some milk and couldnt figure out what the horrid smell lurking around him was......he realised with a wiff of the armpit it was his new shirt......Johnny had swapped Timmy soiled t-shirts for rent money!
This story made me teary from laughing so much.
My set time was 10pm..... i came early to check out my competition.
I missed Timmy's set but he was peeved because the drunk birthday girl scored him a 5!
Then Mikey played.....he was more organising so i think he just played some kind of hip-hop music. Then nathan played i thought he was my competition he started off with : Billy Jean. Everyone knows thats a party song and he had two friends dressed up dancing like Micheal Jackson.
Then came Lucky he was an a wildcard entry, he is gay and asian and wears those cool 'bathing ape' type clothes. This is when i started to get worried.....he had cool sunglasses and some other gay guys dancing for him....I had no props like sungasses to help my scores. Timmy knew he was going to loose so he decided he was going to help me win, we thought about ripping down the little fairylights that were around the doorway and wrapping me in them like a christmas tree.
But then aborted because they were stuck on too tight and because Dom who owns the bar was also a judge, and i'm sure he likes his fairy lights just where they are.
Louise played next, i suggested she play to Mikey, as i think she is very cool, only recently met her but am a fan already.
She just left her playlist on and came and drank outside with me.
Then it was my turn.....i made Timmy and Lou dance with me behind the dj booth.
I had some moves and was wearing a very cute outfit consiting of my favorite cacharel boots made out of some very young soft tights (which got a ladder because of a dance move in which i jumped onto the dj booth and did some leg crossing) a navy blue silk mini skirt and a white lace shirt which was my mums from india in the 70's. It was very Marianne Faithfull post Mick Jagger break up.
I played, tears for fears-head over heals, Melanie-brand new key, tom vek-CC( you set the fire in me), The beach boys- i was made to love her, elo-livin things......i think i played something else but i cant remember.
Anyway, i ended up having the highest score....but the second place getter was Lucky. We had to 'POD WAR'.
There is no need to get into the last part, because i lost to 'Pump the Jam'.
I was a gracious loser....but i had planned on using those winning beers to give to certain boy so he would be impressed.
But i was completely drunk from my home cold solution of whiskey and water and a little bit of lemonade.

The only exciting thing was that i worked out how to post images on peoples comment sections on myspace.....incase your wondering because its not in the FAQ section.......get onto that TOM!
You have to host the image on photo bucket ( then when you are making a comment type: time in the nella chronicles some blah of some either equally as boring writting or maybe it might be slightly more exciting!

x nella

READING: franz ferdinand's band blog on their website, its very good. You can tell they went to university. Also saturdays sydney morning herald.....favorite headline : 'who's going to tell Mark CHOPPER reid his paints are awful'

LISTENING TO: arctic monkeys, pet shop boys-ballads,ssm ( i found them on myspace and am slightly obsessed).

WATCHING: those stalker DVD's of my sisters.

This is me eating pancakes the other was belated birthday dinner.

p.s sorry to Albert's friend i hit in the head with my earphone....i was nervous from the battle.