Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Woe is me at work......

Yes. Here i am at work, i have had many various exciting jobs.
This one involves amazing art work, really expensive cars, decorative arts that if you break you would have to sell your house to pay for them, creepy dolls that people collect.....but sometimes it involves staring at a computer all day entering consignment numbers.....eeeeerrrrrrrrrr.
To make up for it i must do something really exciting.....pity i already know that tomorrow i will be sitting at st vincents hospital waiting for an appointment with my hand micro-surgeon for my operation that i have coming up....
then i will have hand therapy for an hour.....at least i get a scar tissue massage with that.
Oh well. I think i will drink lots of red wine and bake cookies tonight, to make up for all this mess and bore.

x nella
woe is me......

p.s i hate all this saint valentines day advertising......it is very depressing when you have no valentine.