Monday, February 06, 2006

the nella chronicles

Just a little more on franz ferdinand....
I thought that their side show at the enmore was fantastic and far better and more exciting and brilliant than any other show i saw that week.
Before seeing them, i never thought of them as a band that was different from that whole wave of music....
I dont think i would have even gone to their show if i hadnt been given a pass. (Thanks Tim Hoey!)
After the show, backstage mitchell fell asleep in his band room which was hallarious.
Hickey was equally hallarious sticking signs on the chairs (V.I.C = VERY IMPORTANT CUTTERS).
Then we went to the after party where i briefly met Alex Karprinos. A few things i liked, mainly his ability to wear red ( When i wear red it makes me look slightly jaundous and ill)and i also liked that he introduced himself with a firm handshake.
So now in retrospective and after reading their band blog on their website, i think that they are a very good band. I also like the speed of their new song....its a little faster.
My ex boyfriend Glen fancies himself to look like Alex Kaprinos.....i will post some photo's later and anyone who reads this can comment on if they think so or not....I didnt when Glen first mentioned it, but after meeting him i think he does kind of.
Also if anyone knows Alex Kaprinos....maybe they can show him. end this is for Jude who just had the stick figure in this next photo's baby.....congratulations...... and i have posted a gift.

I took it whilst in JB (JUST BABES) HIFI on sunday whilst my best friend josephine shopped for dvd's.

I am still sick and my head is feeling like a ball of snot.
Will post a recipe for amazing bananna cake when i get home.