Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Haute Couture....

This is the ugliest Jumper i have ever ever seen.
We found it at the saint vinnie's, broadway a little while ago.
Here is what sets it apart:
*It was hand knitted... Yep someones nanna in the late 80's early 90's was given a pattern by their Boy George loving grand-daughter and forced to knit the monstrosity.
*100% Acrylic.
*The genius idea of stripes on the sleeves and checks on the body... Flattering for any figure.
*Its yellow and brown.
*THE ARTISITC TEXTURE - to all you non knitters out there, its actually quite hard to alternate between plain and textured wool, in this case its art.
*It's like a size 24.

Can't believe the 'hipster cardigan kid gangs' hadn't snapped it up already. Jealous much.
Have you noticed those kids, their prime hang out is a 500m radius of the Gaslight.
But its spreading....
They wear tight jeans, an off-center hair cut, and so much colour its like a licorice all-sort spewed on them. To top off their outfit there is always a revolting cardigan thown on for a tad more gross.

Notorious N.I.T