Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Nella's ark.

I'm a bit jealous that Noah had an ark with two of every animal.
Now he would have to have a whole new boat for cross-breds.
Like my dog Pollyanna, she is Maltese x Shitzu. When Doctor Harry invented all this cross breeding he really didnt think how it would effect these dogs brains. Because Polly is very very cute but is a complete psycho.
This photo of us was taken at Michaella's birthday picnic.

My newest pet is 'STICKY' the stick insect, i found him on a tree in the back yard. He is now just hanging out around the place.


Jamies Kitchen - This show should be called 'The Harry and Manu show'. Where did they find these kids? Is our school system that bad?
Laguna Beach - Kendra is such a slut, can you believe she denyed macking on Cameron in the stretch SUV after the dance thing.
Americas Next Top Model - Tyra Banks is just really extending her 15mins to the point of maximum contract payment. Mel-rose should really go this week, she is 23 and a whole bag of suck!

ELO-mainly Jungle and Mr Blue Sky,Ben Kweller - Sundress, Canned Heat - Going to the country, NWA - A bitch is a bitch.

Since publishing this post, Sticky made his own way back to the wild. It was sad for 10 mins.